Maintaining personal attention, and roasting in small batches to get the most into every cup, we choose a roast spectrum that celebrates the fullest potential of each bean to achieve satisfying, timeless characteristics.

Light Roast

At lighter roasts, coffee will exhibit more of its origin flavour; the flavours created in the bean by its variety, the soil, altitude, and weather conditions in the location where it was grown. 

Exploring trends is always intriguing, and trending these days is a lighter style of roasting. These lighter roast levels are very interesting and tend to exhibit more citrus notes, brighter acidity and sometimes a borderline sourness. The lively flavours from light roasting is a great way to showcase the endless nuances that are in each bean. Precision brewing methods are recommended for exploring this end of the roast spectrum.

These lighter roast flavours, while interesting, can definitely get lost in the creation of a specialty drink like a latte or cappuccino as they sacrifice some richness and caramelization that comes from pushing just a little further into the roasting process.

We generally reserve this type of light roasting for custom roasts, which are available anytime for your home or business.

Medium Roast 

Brings out some of the body and the richness of the coffee without covering the acidity (also know as brightness) we see in the lighter roasts. The citrus notes of certain coffees are still quite evident.

Medium/Dark Roast

Coffee flavour, aroma, and acidity are balanced and very complex. 

As the beans darken to a deeper brown, the origin flavours of the bean are balanced with the flavours created by caramelization of the roasting process itself and more smooth body is created. 

Dark Roast

A deeper flavour, becoming richer and darker. It has a lower acidity content. This roast retains its character, but with heavier body, a spiced taste and smooth aroma. 

Vienna Roast

This is the roast level we have chosen for our Classic Espresso blend. The surface of the beans are just starting to glisten with oil and you still find some origin character but it is more muted by richer, dark chocolate type flavours.

French Roast

Beans are shiny with oil and dark smokey flavour is the predominate characteristic of the coffee. Acidity and origin flavours are almost eclipsed by the dark bolder flavours.

Italian Roast

Beans are a deep dark colour and the surface is very shiny or oily.  There is a strong bold roasted flavour to the bean and the acidity is almost gone.