About us

Canyon Creek Coffee Company is located in beautiful Smithers B.C.

We use only Specialty Grade (grade 1) coffee beans for all coffee produced. This is the highest quality bean available anywhere, and we offer it at a fair price.

We are a small batch artisan roaster and have chosen to go with a traditional style roaster where we roast by sight, smell and sound.

We roast our ethically sourced, Fairtrade, Organic coffee from around the globe under the watchful eye of Hudson Bay Mountain and choose roast levels that respect the product and will maximize the popular characteristics of what each bean has to offer.

We are proud to share our valley and variety of coffee with all, it is truly a privilege to call these mountains, this valley, and this watershed home.

To ensure freshness, coffees are only roasted as orders come in and roasted coffee is not warehoused.

We import our Specialty Grade coffee beans originating from countries such as Colombia, Peru, Honduras, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Sumatra, and more. 

The nuances of coffee flavours are as infinite and diverse as the people tasting them, for that reason, we also offer custom roasting and can work with you to develop a custom roast or blend to suit the tastes of your home or business.

If you are a professional or home barista, a restaurant owner, or filling a travel mug for a day on the river, a day in the office, or a day in a logging truck, we choose a variety of origins and roast levels to be sure we have something for everyone.